Building the things that get results.


I'm Topher Wilson. Over the last two decades I’ve built & consulted on projects for companies and teams across a broad spectrum of industries. Transationals like Starbucks & TNT, web platforms like Priceline & AllRecipes, agencies like GSD&M & MatchMG, small businesses like GrainStorm & ESTOConnectors, NGOs like Kidnected & the ACLU, and government agencies such as OV Parks & the U.S. Air Force.

My career has given me wonderful opportunities to work with such a great array of clients, and ultimately granted me the ability to be selective in how I spend my time. Accordingly, I spend my time primarily in two areas;

The first is working with clients to help them build the best product they can with the best possible balance between the business and the tech. I advocate lean, uncomplicated tech stacks, user-first business decisions, and "if in doubt push-ahead" development practices.

The second is developing my own tools, platforms, and so on. I focus on building the things that I find a need for in my own work, and making them available to others.

As of September 2022 and my active SaaS/PaaS are OneCrew (building paid Discord communities), txnhog (transactional email management), rktat (marketing platform for tattoo artists), picomail (monetization for email newsletters), while my active tools are (relevant placeholder images) (quickly strip comments from html ) & (easily provide support a link to your browser details).

I’ve been immersed in the world of tech & agency growth for the entirety of my career, and have developed across the entire stack. My ‘superpower’ is finding the issues in a system and defining the processes, tools, and procedures needed to maximize output and profitability. All while making the user’s experience even better.

If you're still curious about my work or if you're ready to start making real changes and see real improvement in your business schedule a consultation.