My name is Topher Wilson, I’m a developer, programmer, & consultant. I help lots of great people make lots of awesome things. I also write now and then, and dabble in indie dev.

I’m based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, where my wife and I have been raising our children for the last 10+ years. I travel extensively with our family (we’re in Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece this summer), surf whenever I can, love to run but rarely do. I build in a variety of frameworks and languages, across sites, apps, and games.

If you’d like to chat shoot me an email – it doesn’t just have to be about work, just saying “hi!” can be cool too.

Recent Posts

Running React Native With Expo Offline

Completely undocumented, and unknown to the Expo community at large, is the ability to run Expo offline. One would think passing the flag –dev –lan to Expo would provide exactly what it indicates, dev mode over lan, but it does not. You need to pass the super obvious –offline flag instead, which does exactly as it suggests, runs Expo completely offline.

A blast from Shopify past

Oh Tribble! I built it in 2008 and it was released on the Shopify themes page (before they had a theme store), as the first theme available there that was made outside of Shopify.

Skipper out now on Steam

Skipper is a lowpoly atmospheric puzzle game built in Unity, written in C#. The 2d art was created in Photoshop, while the 3d geometry was made inside Unity using the wonderful Procore toolset.