My name is Topher Wilson, I’m a full-stack developer & consultant. I help lots of great people make lots of awesome things. I also write now and then, and dabble in indie dev.

I help small businesses and startups build out their products & offerings quickly and on budget. I’ve been building sites, apps, tools and services for over 15 years. In 2019 it’s not enough to be able to build a thing – that’s the beginning; my value is providing both development and operational expertise.

If you’d like to chat shoot me an email – it doesn’t just have to be about work, just saying “hi!” can be cool too.

I write a weekly newsletter called the Wednesday Wire, a weekly dose of interesting tech, saas building, and travel dev. You'll like it.

My Products & Projects


CinchPress is the fastest way to start blogging on WordPress. Upload, then post. That's it.

The zero-code & zero-hassle way to add forms to your website. Just set the POST value to your form location, and you're all set.

SaaS Crew

SaaS Crew is a semi-structured community, centered around building new SaaS and digital products. In SaaS Crew we build together, learn together, and succeed together.

SaaS Email Kit

The SaaS Email kit includes all the transaction emails you'll need to get your SaaS off the ground and nuture your users.

Recent Posts

CinchPress WordPress Theme Released

CinchPress is the fastest way to start blogging on WordPress. Upload, then post. That’s it. At just 72KB, CinchPress is light weight, fast, and incredibly simple to use. There is nothing to delete and nothing that needs configuring before you can start posting. Your site will be ready for visitors as soon as you upload.

Building a SaaS in Four Weeks

I’m doing a new thing. Starting today I’ll be using my spare time to build a complete SaaS application, from start to selling, in just four weeks. I’m calling it the Four Week Saas   The thing we’ll be building is FormCaster, a zero-code form processing solution for static sites. Hugo Jekyll, etc have become […]