SaaS Builder & Platform Consultant

I work with startups and businesses around the world, helping them build better applications & platforms by bridging the gaps between business and technology. In doing so I leverage my nearly 20 years of experience working with clients, building useful & highly effective platforms, and running my own SaaS tools & platforms.

So what do you do, exactly?

I provide development and/or consulting services as needed, typically when a startup needs early direction, or to fill a gap expertise during an exit, on a contract basis. Typically for 90 or 180 days.

By way of example, in May of 2020 I was tapped to act as stop-gap CTO for a tele-health startup. They were 11 months behind schedule, and had not reached their MVP - which had originally been expected to take 6 months. Within 2 weeks I had identified their issues, completed an audit of the existing builds, and recommended a new course. 12 weeks later they hit their MVP.

In 2018 I came on to help a regional real estate platform audit their upcoming rebuild that was expected to take 9 months. They were a non-technical company. After reviewing the goals & needs, I advised the stake holders on a faster path to completion, with a more modern stack and a lean approach. I rolled up my sleeves and hit it hard. They went live just 8 weeks later.

These are standout examples and are not typical. Most of the work I do is a little of both development and consulting, directing a sustainable stack, and advising on technical decisions for non-technical founders. However these examples speak to what can be achieved with a little outside help.

What does this cost?

Fair question. I charge $500 for a consultation. This one - two hour session is largely informal, we'll chat about your goals, needs, etc. I'll want to know about your team, existing tools, and will really dig into your pain points. It's possible that if your problem is one of direction we'll solve it right then - this happens on ~15% of calls. Most often though, not.

If we seem like a good fit to work together, you have two options of hiring me.

Option #1 runs $2,500 / m. I'll be available by phone and email 5 days a week, and will be available to answer any questions or help direct any part of your development that you need. This is not a proactive roll. You'll reach out to me to solve issues. This is most useful if you have a capable team / outsourcing partner, and need a shoulder to lean on when making decisions, or if you are looking for a mentor. I bill in 90 day increments. I have two openings for this package.

Option #2 runs $7,500 / m. I'll be available as above, however this is a fully proactive roll. I'll make technical decisions, call on members of your team, and actively direct the development of your platform / project. I'll conduct one-to-ones with key members of your team & call stand-ups when needed. During my tenure I own the responsibility for the project, and report to the stake-holders alone. I bill in 90 days increments. I can accept only three bookings for this, and I have only one opening available.

Regardless of what option you need, it starts with a consultation. Under no circumstance will I commit to working with a new project until I know if the stakeholders and I are a good fit.

Alright, how do we get started with a consultation?

I use Calendly to handle my consultation scheduling. My booking page is here. Calendly integrates directly with my calendar, so if a time is available there, it's a good time for a call.