Setting up for Dev on SteamDeck Nov 4, 2022

I've been working on a new release for Steam. It'll be my 3rd Steam release, but 1st app on Steam and also my 1st targeting the Steam Deck exclusively.

Hatchet: A WP theme for small agencies Oct 30, 2022

Hatchet is a new WordPress theme designed to meet the specific needs of small agencies and WordPress shops. A major challenge facing small agencies building on WordPress is how to build those themes.

Secret to SaaS success, or, a new tool Oct 17, 2022

There are pretty much two options when placeholding photography; you can go pick stock photos or you can block out placeholders with gray boxes. The problem for me is that stock photo selection is unnecessarily time-consuming, and gray box placeholders are ugly.

Numbers. Apr 22, 2022

One of my kids asked me yesterday how many sites I've built. Offhandedly I told her "500, maybe 1000? Not sure" and I wasn't sure. I'm still not, but I have a better idea now.

The Huddler and the Reacher Mar 16, 2022

Both of these guys asked for help. Both of these guys went into tech to be web developers. One is a Huddler, the other a Reacher. Don't be a Huddler

The best advice I don't follow. Dec 16, 2021

You need to know who your user is, where to find them, how to reach them, and what they need vs what they think they need and how you'll provide that.

It's time to say goodbye to a SaaS / PaaS. Dec 10, 2021

I built rktat [] in February of 2019. It was a quick and straight forward build with a simple mission: Make a CMS with built in email & SMS marketing, with a tailored process and setup specific to the needs of tattoo artists. My wife and I had just

Where did it all go!? Mar 28, 2021

Yes all the posts are gone. No, it's not a big deal. Yes, I did it on purpose. No I don't think it matters. A lot has changed in the ten years since I started the old site.