Where did it all go!?

Alright, let's not be melodramatic.

Yes all the posts are gone. No, it's not a big deal. Yes, I did it on purpose. No I don't think it matters.

A lot has changed in the ten years since I started the old site. Ten years ago, I freelanced full time. Today, I primarily operate as a PocketCTO and run a handful of SaaS-ish platforms. Ten years ago I had two kids. Today I have four. Little of what mattered then, matters now.

And so it is with the smattering of blogposts that I drug around from WordPress version to WordPress version. Little of what I wrote during the last ten years is of interest today.

Ten years ago when I spun up a quick little site I went straight to WordPress, today I spin up Ghost. And yet, I've been dragging around all those posts from WordPress upgrade to WordPress upgrade.

Ghost makes more sense for a site like this, and yet every time I updated the design of the old site, I stayed on WordPress.

Why? apathy? comfort? Maybe. I use Ghost almost as much as WordPress, and as stated above, it makes more sense for a site like this. Why then was I stuck on it?

The content. The uninteresting, outdated, middling content I'd written for the last ten years, and some I even ported from earlier sites. A millstone around the proverbial neck, I thought for some reason it mattered.

Three weeks ago I cleaned out my office. It was a wreck - honestly it's a wreck again now, but I digress - and I threw out all but one of my old RGB cables. I have zero use for them, and yet I'd been keeping them because... why? Having one in case of a midnight mood for some sort of retro hacking is just good sense, but seven?

That's when it donned on me I'd been doing the same thing with my site. There was absolutely no reason to keep the old cruft I'd been hanging on to. I don't rely on search traffic for client acquisition or revenue, and other than a review of the North Korean official government operating system, there was nothing even remotely interesting.

And so, much like 6 of the 7 RGB cables, the old content has been binned, site and all.

The new site is cleaner. Leaner. Faster. And cruft free. Powered by Ghost.

I'm happy.