I've made and worked on an absolute mountain of things over the last 18 years. Excluding perhaps the first year or so, the earlier in my career, the more things I built. Smaller projects, fewer stake holders, etc all meant that I produced more but on a smaller scale.

I mention this to point out how impractical it would be to share everything, so I'll share what is most recent or most interesting. Sound good?


Typical Sites

Small Business Sites

It's been my pleasure to have worked with all sorts of people, agencies, and businesses over the years. The list includes some big names, and some unique shops (like Crazy Carls's Cricket Farm). In no particular order some of the most noteworthy:

Chick-fil-A, US Air Force, SitePoint, TNT, MetaFilter, Priceline.com, ASICS, Match, GSD&M, Spring, JULL, AllRecipes.com, Starbucks, Text+, Ford, and a bunch more.

If you think you might like to work with me, reach out.