I've been helping startups of all sizes build better tools, platforms, and services for nearly 20 years. I love the blank slate, the ability to dive in and make a real difference to the success of a project.

I'm an American, born in Florida Florida, raised on the east coast, married to an Idaho Girl Idaho. I'm a father, builder & consultant, my wife is a mother & photographer, and we're raising a four-pack of feisty wolves kids.

I've been in Idaho long enough that it's now "where I'm from", but these days my wife and I split our time between Idaho Falls, Idaho and Sofia, Bulgaria Bulgaria. Equally at home in both, it's not uncommon to miss one while in the other! Fun Fact: a rock show in eastern Europe has 10x the energy of anywhere else.

Working with me

For the last few years I've focused on helping startups get off the group, manage their stack, and balance the business with the tech. I advocate lean, uncomplicated tech stacks, user-first business decisions, and if-in-doubt push-ahead development practices.

I started out in game development, building some early success working with the CryEngine. I shifted into front-end development fairly quickly and pushed hard to stay at the front of the early web-standards movement. I moved into full-stack development about a decade ago, and not long after found my ideal jam as a consultant & SaaS founder.

Over the years I've led dev teams big and small, consulted on projects of all sizes, and been privileged enough to work on some fantastic projects for folks like the Airforce, ACLU, TNT, Priceline, Starbucks, and too many others to list.

I'm available for hire to help you find the gaps in your startup or business - you can book a consultation here.

More than work

In my downtime I have a hobby wood shop where I build custom furniture. But really if my wife and I aren't dragging the kids on another adventure, I'm probably surfing, snowboarding, or dirt biking with my girls.

The crew in Athens

My wife and I have been incredibly blessed to have a wonderful life with each other and our children. We're a work-hard & play-hard family, and it shows in everything we do. Our next big adventure will start this coming spring (2023), and we're looking forward to sharing that with the world.

-Topher Wilson