Prospecting on Intagram

If you’re freelancer or a small business that provides a service, Instagram is the holy grail for prospecting.

Prospecting is the step before you begin the sale, where you find the client/user/etc that you will eventually sell to. And right now, Instagram is the single most useful tool in the soloprenuer or freelancers arsenal. Unlike Facebook it’s actively used for new content outside of a friend list, and unlike Twitter it continues to grow organically.

The interest, eyeballs, and visibility you can gain on Instagram is greater than anywhere else. And it’s short form focus on the visual lends a direct in to any brand/freelancer/soloprenuer smart enough to take advantage.


To successfully prospect on Instagram you first need to get into the mindnset. You’re not going to see a value return on your time unless you treat every use and interaction like a conversation. When you have a conversation with someone you pay attention to what they have going on, their needs, and how they respond (both verbally and otherwise) to what you are saying. Inauthenticity is spotted instantly in the real world, and Instagram users are no less expectant than any one else you’d have a conversation with.

Getting Started

You need to build a complete and active Instagram profile. Take a couple days and fill your feed with Real Content. Remember mindset? That honesty in conversation starts here. Make your Instagram a honest, if curated, version of yourself/brand. Write a catching and honest profile intro, and link it out to your website.

Do this. It’s not hard, but somehow this is the step that kills most people who could otherwise be killing it on Instagram. If you don’t get started you have no chance, so take the step and push out your profile.


This is so simple. Let’s say you are a beautician

  1. Hit the search button up top, and go to your local place
  2. Browse through the posts, click the interesting ones from women
  3. Browse the profile, and if it has something that stands out, hit “Follow” and then “Message”.
  4. Say something like “Hey! I love the picture of you diving in the Bahamas, looks alike a blast! If you’re ever looking to get your nails done stop by my shop I’ll hook you up with a Beach Girls discount!”
  5.  Head back to the local list and repeat.

There is another method too, but not everyone is comfortable with it. Hit that local tab again, but instead of looking for people to connect with, look for competitors. Hit their images, and look at the comments. These people are ripe for prospecting. Hit their profiles, and follow the steps above.

Follow Through

Do this for an hour, at least, Every. Single. Day. Every. You’ll reach hundreds of potential new clients every week, for just a bit of time every day – let’s be honest you were probably going to spend an hour on your phone wasting time anyway, right?

Don’t forget to keep that profile active. You need to be keeping it going, and fresh, every day. Most of the messages you send won’t get a response, and more of the people you reach out to will follow you rather than immediately decide to come down and get their nails done, but that’s the point. You are now in their feed, showing off your awesome content, every day, to people already primed to love it. And it’s free.

This is the map to prospecting on Instagram. Commit to it, stick to prospecting at least an hour everyday, and keeping your profile fresh and on brand, and you’ll reap the benefits.