Building a SaaS in Four Weeks

I’m doing a new thing. Starting today I’ll be using my spare time to build a complete SaaS application, from start to selling, in just four weeks. I’m calling it the Four Week Saas


The thing we’ll be building is FormCaster, a zero-code form processing solution for static sites. Hugo Jekyll, etc have become increasingly popular, and there are many reasons why one might want a static site. But even static site’s often need forms, and typical solutions such a Wufoo inject far too much cruft; custom CSS, JS, etc – making pages heavier, mucking up designs.

FormCaster will change that. Users simply need to set the URL to POST their form too, and FormCaster will handle the rest.

FormCaster will go live to the public on December 255th (merry Christmas!). In the meantime you can follow along here on the Facebook group, or checkout the site while it’s in progress.