A blast from Shopify past

Today I was pitching a Shopify based redesign for a fairly large components distributor and after the call we got to talking about early work and careers and so on. I started thinking back to the very early days with Shopify, and remembered Tribble.

I built it in 2008 and it was released on the Shopify themes page (before they had a theme store), as the first theme available there that was made outside of Shopify. It’s a bit dated now, and was released just months before media query support hit the major browsers so sadly it’s not responsive. But all in all it held up really well being 10 years old!

It’s taken me aback a bit to realize I’ve been using Shopify for over 10 years – the first site I built for it was in 2006! That’s just crazy. A lot has changed since then, and Shopify is huge now, but it’s still the best hosted ecommerce platform. 12 years is a long time to hold that crown though…