Hey! I made a new thing, Tasty Hosts

A blast from Shopify past

Today I was pitching a Shopify based redesign for a fairly large components distributor and after the call we got to talking about early work and careers and so on. I started thinking back to the very early days with Shopify, and remembered Tribble. I built it in 2008 and it was released on the […]

Skipper out now on Steam

I’ve just released Skipper on Steam and Itch.io. Skipper is a lowpoly atmospheric puzzle game built in Unity, written in C#. The 2d art was created in Photoshop, while the 3d geometry was made inside unity using the wonderful Procore toolset. Development on Skipper started September 9th, it was completed on October 6th, and released on […]

CodeFort – Learn to Code in Idaho Falls

This was a pretty fun project. I designed CodeFort to be a clean and light experience, built with completely custom HTML & CSS with LESS, and powered it with WordPress. CodeFort is a new coding bootcamp in Idaho Falls, that offers two development tracks, front-end web development and mobile game development. Checkout the site or […]

Prospecting on Intagram

If you’re freelancer or a small business that provides a service, Instagram is the holy grail for prospecting. Prospecting is the step before you begin the sale, where you find the client/user/etc that you will eventually sell to. And right now, Instagram is the single most useful tool in the soloprenuer or freelancers arsenal. Unlike […]

Starting a Vlog

I started a Vlog recently. The first five episodes were standard Youtube fare, but I realized one day that no one was doing a proper vlog on Instagram. So now I’m doing the vlog in 60 seconds and that is tough. Most days there isn’t anything interesting or story driven enough to put in a […]

Free tile set from SDB

Here is a free tileset created a while back for a prototype rogue-like platformer that never materialized. They’ll make a solid start for a little platformer or other pixel art game. They are free as in freedom, use them however you like. Download this free tileset.

Just Wrapped: OV Parks & Rec

My buddy David and I just completed the redevelopment of a new site for the Orangevale Recreation and Parks Department. David is a super talented designer and her worked hand in hand with OVParks to create the strategy behind the new OVParks design and implementation, while I led the front-end and WordPress development for the […]

Get mesh vertex colors in Unity

I use Probuilder & Polybrush with vertex colors for all the art in VThree. Keeping track of all the colors can be a chore, and if I lose one figuring out which it is visually is impossible. So I whipped this up quickly this evening. It’ll print all the colors on your mesh (if you’re using […]

Red Star – The North Korean Operating System

Somebody posted up a torrent on pastebin for the North Korean operating system, Red Star, a while ago. I had intended to download it and check it out a lot sooner, but as so often happens with intended fun, it happened late. I don’t speak Korean, or know much at all about North Korea really, […]

VThree hits Steam Early Access

Really stoked about this. The game I’ve been working on-and-off on for most of the past year, VThree, hit early access on Steam today! VThree is a rocket jumping first person platformer, with leaderboards for stat comparing and dedicated multiplayer servers. Go check it out on Steam.